Grand Teton National Park

During last year’s roadtrip through North-America we passed through Grand Teton National Park.


The area was declared a national park in 1950. However, in 1891 the U.S. Government took the first step by creating Teton Forest Reserve. 17 years later the Teton National Forest followed. The first national park was founded in 1929, but it only consisted of the Teton Range and the six glacier lakes. In 1924 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. decides to buy privately owned land in order to facilitate the creation of the national park as we know it today. In 1949 he donates 133 km² to the government.

The Grand Teton National Park now is 1.255 km² in size. The Teton Rang consists of 12 peaks higher than 3650 m, with Grand Teton being highest one with an elevation of 4198 m.

Jackson Lake

Recreational activities

The park offers a great variety in outdoor activities, ranging from bird and wildlife watching to boating and hiking. Within the boundaries of the park, there are 20 lakes and approximately 300 km of hiking trails.
The weather can change in an instant. So be sure to take clothing with you for all weather conditions.

Oxbow Bend

Location and route

This park is located in northwestern Wyoming, about 18 kilometres south of the well-known Yellowstone National Park.

We entered the park at the Flagg Ranch information station, followed the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, at Jackson Lake Junction we took the Teton Park Road and at Moose Junction we continued in the direction of the town of Jackson Hole. But not in a straight line though. We made a couple of detours (e.g. Antelope Flats Road).

Click here if you like to consult a map of Grand Teton National Park

If you don’t have the time to go on a hike, there are a number of beautiful areas easily accessible by car.

  Jenny Lake


Grand Teton National Park can be visited in one day, like we did. But I recommend a longer stay. Especially if you are a photographer. I think photographers can easily spend a week in Grand Teton National Park without ever getting bored. There are a number of lodgings and campgrounds within the boundaries of the park. I advise to make reservations well ahead of your arrival, especially during Summer.

More information about Grand Teton National Park

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9 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. Great photos, especially at Oxbow Bend! I was hoping for the same scenery but both of our days at Grand Teton were overcast and rainy. We only had very quick looks at the mountains – an excuse to go back, I guess.


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