Mount Rainier National Park

Last year, I went on a road-trip through West-Canada and the North- and South west of the USA. The main goal of our trip was to visit national parks.

The first park we visited was Mount Rainier National Park.

This park is located in Washington, about 130 km from Sea-tac International airport.

We entered the park via the Nisqually entrance and we followed the main road to the White river exit.  

Mount Rainier National Park was founded in 1899. It comprises 958 km². 83 km² of which are glaciers. Mount Rainier is actually a 4390 m high volcano, the highest peak in the Cascades Range. The last eruption took place 150 years ago.

58 % of the park consist of forest. Above the tree line the vegetation is mostly heather.

Cycling, hiking, climbing, boating and fishing are amongst the most popular outdoor activities in the park. Hikers can choose between numerous trails, in total 420 km. The 382 lakes are very suited for non-motorised boating.

Look out for black bears, mountain lions and elk. Recent information about bear sightings and trail information is available in the three visitor information centers at Paradise, Sunrise and Ohanapecosh.

Mount Rainier National Park is a very beautiful place. It’s certainly worth a visit.

For more information about Mount Rainier National park, please click here

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