Wells Gray Provincial Park


Dawson Falls


Wells Gray Provincial Park is located near Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada. Starting in Vancouver it is a 480 km drive. I recommend you take Highway 5 in Kamloops. Towards the end of the journey, you’ll see some very beautiful views. In Clearwater, you can either take the Clearwater Valley Road (which is paved) or the Clearwater River Road (which is a rough gravel road).

Our car was a rental, so we had no other choice than to take the Clearwater Valley road. This road is located 34 kilometres north of Clearwater.



Wells Gray Provincial Park arose from volcanoes and moving glaciers. It is 5.250 km² wide.  The most popular sites are easily accessible via the Clearwater valley Road.

The largest and most accessible lakes in the park are Mahood, Clearwater, Azure, Murtle, Dutch and Hobson.

You can visit 39 waterfalls.  The three most popular falls are Spahat falls (10 kilometre north of Clearwater; 73 m high above the Clearwater River), Dawson Falls (91 m wide + 18 m high; tumbling down the Murtle River) Helmcken Falls (137 m high; originates on the Murtle River). If you like hiking there is a 4 km long trail between Dawson Falls and Helmcken Falls.



Spahats Falls

Recreational activities

There is a multitude of things to do when you visit the park: wildlife viewing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, canoeing, fishing, watch salmon jump up a waterfall,…

If you are an amateur photographer like me, there are a lot of photo-opportunities. To get a clearer idea of the park as a whole, visit the Green Mountain Tower.

Wells Gray Provincial Park offers interesting activities all year long.

You can find a lot of information at the visitor centre at the entrance of the park.



Helmcken Falls

Lodging and eating

If you are staying overnight, you have the choice between lodgings within the boundaries of the park or in Clearwater. There are a number of hotels, camping sites, cabins and B&B’s to choose from.

Even when you go hungry, you can find a restaurant or diner in the park. The only things you cannot find in Wells Gray are grocery stores and gas stations. Keep that in mind when entering the park.

For more photos of Wells Gray provincial park please follow this link https://www.flickr.com/photos/cstevens2/albums/72157667792264832

For more information about this park, please visit http://wellsgray.ca/


Thank you for visiting!



Disclaimer: I own the copyright to all photos in this post.  Please contact me if you would like a copy.


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