Miette Hot Springs


There are numerous hot springs all over British Columbia and Alberta. One of them is Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park.

How to get there?

In the town of Jasper take Highway 16 east to Pocahontas. It is a 61 km drive.




These springs were already popular in the 1800. Both First Nations people and trappers used them for their healing powers.

More people started coming when the first road was constructed in 1910. But even then, the springs were only accessible on foot or horseback. The following years bath houses and sleeping facilities were constructed. By 1938 Miette had transformed into a modern spa.

How does it work?




Approximately 800 liters of water pours out of the natural aqueducts along Sulphur Creek every minute. With 54° C, the water in Miette hot springs is the hottest in the Canadian Rockies. It is impossible to bathe in this temperature, so the water is cooled to 40° C before it fills the pools. The spring water contains minerals such as sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium and sodium.


How to spend your day?

Besides bathing, Miette Hot Springs also offers great opportunities for wildlife viewing, sightseeing (Punchbowl Falls, an old coal mining site, Ashlar Ridge Viewpoint) and hiking.

For wildlife viewing you don’t have to leave the car park. The goats seem to be addicted to the exhaust pipes of the cars.




In case you also want the have lunch at the site, there is a picnic area and the Fiddle Valley Café offers fresh meals daily.

The spa is open daily from May 6th to October 10th.


For more information on Miette Hot Springs, please follow this link.

For more information about all the hot springs in the Canadian Rockies, please follow this link.

You can find more of my photos of Miette Hot Springs and Jasper National park at this website.

Disclaimer: I own the copyright on all the photos in this blogpost.


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